[HoMM3] Chris67132 uses move superiority to efficiently take a battle

In this Heroes of Might and Magic III combat, YouTuber Chris67132 uses his army’s superior speed to kite and efficiently defeat a group of nagas.

On the first turn, Chris’ hero casts a 402 damage lightning bolt for 8 sp, taking out one of the 2-naga stacks. He then issues wait commands to his genies and giant, deferring their actions until the end of turn 1, after the nagas have approached. This action lays the groundwork for a huge turn:

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[EU4] Reman on the Secretly-OP Caddo Tribe

Europa Universalis IV YouTuber Reman's Paradox (inspired by this Reddit post) shares how the Caddo native tribe has incredible potential. The technique involves abusing game mechanics and events to allow the player to use one native government type with a separate native religion type that were never intended to be accessible simultaneously.

[Civ 6] Marbozir discovers a trick to move expended units by forming a corps

In Civilization VI, players can take an action to form a corps, merging two adjacent units into a single stronger one. While trying out the mechanic, Marbozir realizes corps formation can be used to remove a friendly unit from an endangered tile, even if that unit has no movement points left.