[EU4] Milan as a monarchy points powerhouse

Youtuber Reman's Paradox shows why Milan and republics are strong. Milan has a diplomatically central position amid the great powers, a flexible and strong set of national ideas, and access to rich provinces. Most importantly, however, Milan has an event that allows a switch to the Ambrosian Republic government type early. Republics generate super-leaders by reelecting rulers at the cost of republican tradition. As reelection increases one of a leader's attributes and attributes directly generate monarch points, long-reigning leaders generate many more monarch points than leaders without boosted attributes. A new "Strengthen Government" action for republics buys republican at the cost of military monarch points, which in turn allows the leader to be elected yet again, sustaining the combo. Despite a recent buff to monarchy governments, Reman calculates that republics still average higher monarch point generation. Reman's video (as we've seen before) is very tight with insightful fact-driven commentary ideal for what we want to showcase here, so check out the short video in full:

[EU4] Reman on the Secretly-OP Caddo Tribe

Europa Universalis IV YouTuber Reman's Paradox (inspired by this Reddit post) shares how the Caddo native tribe has incredible potential. The technique involves abusing game mechanics and events to allow the player to use one native government type with a separate native religion type that were never intended to be accessible simultaneously.

[EU4] Reman’s Paradox analyzes the new institutions mechanics

YouTuber Reman's Paradox demonstrates a high level of game knowledge backed up by data in this assessment of the new institutions mechanic in Europa Universalis IV. He also takes the laudable step of making his data and code available for others to use.

Below, I've pulled out four short sub-clips in which Reman raises ideas that may be relevant to thinking about other games.
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