[HoMM3] Chris67132 uses move superiority to efficiently take a battle

In this Heroes of Might and Magic III combat, YouTuber Chris67132 uses his army’s superior speed to kite and efficiently defeat a group of nagas.

On the first turn, Chris’ hero casts a 402 damage lightning bolt for 8 sp, taking out one of the 2-naga stacks. He then issues wait commands to his genies and giant, deferring their actions until the end of turn 1, after the nagas have approached. This action lays the groundwork for a huge turn:

The wait commands set up a backbreaking double-move, with the giants and genies acting at the end of turn 1 and again at the start of turn 2, allowing no enemy moves between. Chris leads turn 2 off with another lightning bolt on the last 2-naga stack. “We have move superiority,” he says, and he’s right. The powerful wait-and-doublemove tactic allows speed-advantaged armies to kite slower foes:

The nagas attempt to close again. With the queen and the double-naga stacks down, only single nagas remain. Chris’ hero switches to Magic Arrow, as it is cheaper than lightning bolt and sufficient to eliminate singleton naga stacks. Note that the tanky giant attacks before the genies, safely soaking up the naga’s retaliation. The rearmost naga is still unable to close:

Chris mops up the rest of the combat without spending any more mana or losing a unit. He keeps a close eye on the remaining hp of his giant (it had 60 hp left when he checked at 6:45 and 40 hp left at 6:50):

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