[OW] Flame reviews C9 vs AFBlue Match

Overwatch player/caster flame critiques C9's play in a match against AF Blue. Here are a few key moments of analysis.

Both teams field tanks Reinhardt and Zarya and supports Lucio and Ana, characters very strong at the top level on king of the hill maps. Team Cloud9 fills out their remaining two slots with with Roadhog for tank/burst/disruption and Tracer as their single DPS. Team AF Blue instead runs double DPS in the form of Genji and McCree. Flame prefers AF Blue's comp for having more options for ranged (McCree) and close (Genji) DPS, and for having more permutations of ability synergy to enable good engages even without Zarya ultimate. Cloud 9 will need to take out the ranged McCree in order for the close-range Tracer to have openings to threaten the supports, and the Roadhog will need to find successful hooks to be relevant:

Mendo on Tracer is C9's only dedicated DPS. Without another DPS, C9 may expect to have some trouble finishing off enemy tanks, arguably a disadvantageous static gamestate element (players can change characters at the cost of all collected ult charge). Those tanks in turn control space to protect McCree against Tracer (or Roadhog) assassination:

C9 has control of the point but is outnumbered and about to lose it. C9 Adam (Lucio) desperately burns his ultimate Sound Barrier ability to buy 7% possession time. However, flame points out the serious opportunity cost incurred: Sound Barrier will not be up again in time to help C9 with the retake attempt after regrouping:

In Overwatch, ultimate abilities charge more quickly based on the amount of damage (and shielding/healing) done. C9 should have used their Ana's Nano Boost on Zarya to help charge up Graviton Surge, a fight-winning area stun. Instead, Nano Boost went on the already-ulting Roadhog, missing out on some value:

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