Mission Statement

This is a website for game analysis without forced hype.

Primarily, we focus on enabling players to approach gameplay with an eye towards mastery. Featured content highlights nuggets of information with cross-game application or contains in-depth discussions relevant to individual titles. Our endeavors look to add to the larger discussion of gameplay and promote critical thinking. While specifics of expert play vary widely from game to game, the underlying strategic ideas are universal. It is our belief that the people who love learning-oriented analysis and commentary on one game will value, enjoy, and improve via exposure to similar veins of content hailing from other games.

Gaming content creation is booming, but naturally much of this content is made to maximize viewership metrics rather than facilitate viewer mastery. At GameAnalysis.net, we seek to feature the most knowledgeable creators, not the most-viewed. We don’t want to be like these guys:

Image credit: Randall Munroe of http://xkcd.com