[HoI IV] Deathstacks are bad

We’ve talked in past posts about how concentrated power is more effective than dispersed power. This is largely true, but only to an extent. Once the concentration of force is sufficient to accomplish relevant ends, any more is generally and could have been used elsewhere.

(22:05-22:30) In reviewing the replay of a multiplayer match, YouTuber FeedBackGaming took a moment to appreciate an opponent’s beautifully distributed fleets. Rather than piling his ships up into a single massive group that is only able to fight in one sea region at a time, FeedBack’s opponent created many small fleets that coordinate together to better cover territory.


[CS:GO] Give yourself opportunities to take free value (and don’t overextend)

With less than 25 combined hp near the end of the round, two two surviving members of team CLG are unlikely to be able to contest their high hp and well-armed opponents from team Splyce. They make the smart decision to give up the objective. Instead of forcing a conflict, CLG's players quietly hide, hoping to evade or potentially even surprise and kill one or more opponents. Their patient waiting is richly rewarded when Splyce pushes out from the bombsite, falling into the trap. CLG's lightly-armed players score uphill kills against their better armed and armored opponents. On the following round, Splyce will be forced to burn cash to rebuy the lost weapons and armor: