[XCOM2] When you see a good move, look for a better one

YouTuber Marbozir, an experienced XCOM 2 player, faces a tough situation on a heavy-activity black site mission. Topics from the highlights below include the importance of mobility, avoiding fair fights, taking necessary risks, asymmetry in risk evaluation, and target prioritization.

Most of the clips here come from the early stages of a single difficult combat, but we start a point raised earlier in the video. Space and time can be thought of as spacetime, a real life physics concept that is also fundamental to gameplay. Every game has time, space, and movement in some form, and spacetime dis/advantage in its various forms (incl. speed, positioning, territory) is highly impactful. Here, Ryan's poor mobility is potentially problematic. With one soldier slower than the rest, Marbozir has two choices. The first option is to voluntarily pass up on using some of his XCOMs' mobility and keep the squad grouped, or he can allow faster squadmembers to range ahead but dangerously stringing out his team:

Now to the dangerous fight. Continue reading "[XCOM2] When you see a good move, look for a better one"