[AoE2] Overview of the Aztecs

YouTuber Spirit Of The Law conducts an excellent review of the strengths and weaknesses of the Aztec civilization, backed up by tests and mathcrafting. I've included the full video here, and below it I've pulled out a couple of small clips that I may want to reference later.
Here I've pulled out a small discussion of the Aztec's faster recruitment bonus. It often goes unnoticed, but it adds up quickly and enables early military advantages that in turn can spiral a game favorably:
Spirit Of The Law makes a good point about how the Aztec's starting with Loom acts like an extra villager and extra gold, by avoiding the opportunity cost of researching the Loom tech (instead of making a villager) at the town center. The extra villager adds up quickly, and the extra gold lets the Aztecs pull off the highest-militia-count Dark Age rush:
Jaguars lose to pricey Teutonic knights 1 vs 1, but when groups of similar cost go head to head, the cheaper and more efficient jaguars win:

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