[Dom4] Sy on strategy and pretender design for LA Agartha

Dominions 4 is a turn-based fantasy wargame where the player is a god over a nation of worshippers, contesting with other pretender gods for the spot of top dog (er, top god?). Sy, a multiplayer Dominions veteran, walks us through his strategy in "I Equip My Heavy Crossbow" (game admins usually choose unusual names for the games they run). Sy's nation is Agartha, a race of cave-people. I've pulled out a few salient areas below, but the whole video is densely packed with more. First, Sy reviews why he considers Late Age Agartha a strong early- and mid-game nation:
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[AoE2] Early and midgame commentary selections

YouTuber ZeroEmpires provides insightful Age of Empires II coverage on a game between players Skittles and Melkor. The whole cast is great, but here are a few moments of especially clear presentation.

First an assessment of Skittle's unfortunate spawn location:

The open terrain around Skittle's base enabled early harassment that in turn contributed to an economic advantage for Melkor:

Melkor's larger and safer economy is invested in an army size and upgrade advantage which in turn is used to keep some pressure against Skittle's awkward home terrain, preserving Melkor's economic advantage:

Melkor takes a cost-efficient tactical shot with a well-chosen armor upgrade to enable raiding under watchtowers. Skittles continues to lose gathering time with his villagers: